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Posted by on Jul 30, 2007

괴물, or The Host

After the debacle that was Taekuggki, this movie provided a wonderful alternative and tipped me to the fact that Korean film has really progresses in the last decade or so. When we first arrived in Korea (me around 1998), Korean film was of the overly melodramatic variety, painful to watch at times.
This movie was different, full of surprises and awfully clever. It is highly recommended to anyone who wants to be exposed to something original. Yes, the Americans are kind of the bad guy and the American Doctor’s dialogue was stunted enough to convince me it was written entirely by a Korean, but it is entertaining. We see the monster in the first ten minutes of the movie and you start to become aware that the movie is less about the monster than other themes, or at least equally so.
And it further reaffirms my notion that Song Kang Ho is the best actor in the business. He really transforms into each and every character, all completely different.
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