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Posted by on May 25, 2009

An Impossibility

Every velvety tremor from that glockenspiel
ripples these scissored dreams further from the deepest point
of this deepest blue sea.
I imagined I heard a faint choir linger over the whitecaps,
resonate, and then mercifully evacuate.
I will not listen to this song again for fear.
Fear of drowning,
flooded with impossible memories
from an impossible youth.

I knew you then
as one knows a shadow.
and years adrift, apart
have left nothing but a shadow,
endlessly eluding my trembling grasp.
I am awash with memories,
fleeting, fragile, kinetic memories,
of Seodaemun, Sinchon, Ilsan, Gangnam, Jongno, you.

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