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Posted by on Dec 22, 2007


Approaching the end of 2007, it is a natural time to take stock of one’s life and where it has gone. The people we have met, the people we miss, the places we have been, dominate all my active memory. They even bleed into my dreams at night. The more experience we seem to gather, the harder it is to formulate a clear thought. All those memories are struggling for contention.

However, perhaps it is a good place to start by making a few lists. Inspired by my friend Le Renard, who is compiling his end of the year music lists, I bring you the Gallagher/Hyun Places We Have Gone List for 2007. We were blessed and we knew that. Here is hoping that 2008 will be as unique and profound.

(presented in chronological order)

1. Long Island
2. Philadelphia
3. New York
4. Indianapolis
5. Bloomington
6. Altoona
7. Pittsburgh
8. Johannesburg
9. Durban
10. Pretoria
11. Dublin
12. Venice
13. Washington, D.C. (x2)
14. Cancun

Now, I suppose I would be amiss without mentioning the places I hope to go in 2008. This list will undoubtedly be paired down, but a dream is a dream.

1. Dublin
2. Galway
3. Cork
4. Paris
5. London
6. Montreal
7. Quebec City
8. Pittsburgh
9. Seoul

To all my people residing in #9, all my love and best wishes. I do hope that 2008 brings us all together again.

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