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Posted by on May 24, 2007

A little poetry from a Brother of mine

The following poem is from Brother Anthony, a monk of the Taize order, who also happens to be Professor at Sogang University in Seoul. He is British, but has lived in Seoul for since 1980 and is a remarkable translator and author. He has offered the non-Korean speaking community some wonderful exposure to Korean literature. I always read his work whenever it appeared in newspapers or magazines. I encourage you to go to his website and have a look around.


Earth’s dream and drift

the globe in revolution

pursues its destined course

leaving the blood to dry

that seeps from all the wounds

lacerations in its sides

work of strange creatures

intent on mutual battle

The earth is silent dumb

no complaint trails behind it

the sun pretends to doze

Such incredible anonymity :the earth’s timidity

the sun’s indifference

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