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Posted by on Nov 28, 2009

A Virtual Graduation, Long Island, Ann Arbor and Motion

Wrapping up my time here in Roslyn, New York out on the Long Island and have enjoyed it. We have eaten quite well, which is always nice, but it is time to head back to Princeton and home.

I attended a virtual graduation in Second Life for the University of Edinburgh and I believe it was an absolute success. They had streamed the audio and the video from the non-virtual life graduation at McEwan Hall on the Edinburgh campus. Graduates who were unable to attend the ceremonies there came to Second Life and they handed out virtual diplomas. We were all virtually clapping and whistling and it created a surprising sense of presence and togetherness. In the non-virtual world ceremonies (the physical ones on campus), they even paused for a moment and clapped for everyone graduating in Second Life. The non-virtual feeding the virtual and vice versa.

I decided to don a kilt for the festivities and felt virtually dashing. I have included some pictures below.

University of Edinburgh Virtual Graduation 11.26.2009

University of Edinburgh Virtual Graduation 11.26.2009

I will head home today via the treacherous Belt Pakrway through Brooklyn then to Staten Island then to the New Jersey Turnpike, which is shockingly a welcome sight at that point in the journey. I will do laundry, study a bit, pack and tomorrow will head to Newark Airport to fly to Ann Arbor (via Detroit). I will be spending the better part of the week with the good folk at the JSTOR office there.

At some point this holiday season, I am determined to buy a Christmas tree. Jen and I have never had one in our nine Christmases together and I would like to end that streak this year. I feel like I could use a little ceremony this year to build some momentum for next year, which if kharma has taught me anything will be one of the greatest years of my life. I will keep everyone updated on this Christmas tree development, even if I just rationalize myself out of one again this year.

All my best to everyone out there as the chill weather sets in on the East Coast of the US.
University of Edinburgh Virtual Graduation 11.26.2009

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