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Posted by on Jun 26, 2007

Bad lyrics

Here are the full lyrics to one of the worst songs ever made, one that should have caused lawsuits for matters relating to indecent relations. It makes me feel like the picture.


by Winger

I saw sparks fly, from the corner of my eye

And when I turned, it was love at first sight

I said please excuse me, I didn’t catch your name

Oh it’d be a shame not to see you again

And just when I thought she was comin’ to my door

She whispered sweet and brought me to the floor, she said

I’m only seventeen, but I’ll show you love like you’ve never seen

She’s only seventeen, daddy says she’s too young, but she’s old enough for me

Come to my place, we can talk it over, oh everything going down in your head

She said take it easy, I need some time, time to work it out, to make you mine

Et cetera.

We get the point.
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