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Posted by on May 22, 2008

Bundle wrap

I am spending the day packing for my trip tomorrow. Since I have take so much of the actual equipment as carry-on, this leaves me with my suitcase for everything else (and some additional equipment).

In an attempt to have my clothes relatively wearable when I land, I am employing a new method, a bundle method. I am taking this information (and diagram) from this site. It looks promising and might allow to sneak a second suit jacket along with me (rather than the one I wear on the plane, which invariably ends up wrinkled when I get there anyways).

All the credit goes to my wife for sending me an NPR story mentioning this site. It has some truly excellent suggestions.

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  1. The best way not to wrinkle your clothes would be to wear all of them on your body when you get on the plane. Be careful, though. My aunt died doing this.

  2. how did the bundle method work out? i’ve been doing it for a while (after having seen it on martha stewart or oprah…i can’t remember which). but i’ve added a step taught to me by my mom…use old dry cleaner bags. they also add a little cushion between layers.
    try it out the next time you and jen visit dae~hangminguk (clap…clap…clap clap clap)!

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