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Posted by on Jun 13, 2007

Dublin, as in linn, as in forest, as in honeymoon


I have wondered about you ever since I received a book of photographs of Ireland when I was young. I have wanted to walk your streets, laugh at your jokes (which I presumably won’t get), flirt with your lassies, eat your food and drown in your thick drink.

Well, I am married and have grown up, so no flirting, but all the rest holds true. Jen and I will be going to Dublin as well on our honeymoon and in a further ode to Google Maps, I provide you with the itinerary. It might be difficult to read from the screen, but you can link to the map from the Title link above. Notice the highlighted placemarker. Cliched, yes, but why be original when all I want is you.

With your black body and frothy white head. You are one cool drink of water.

Oh, wait. That sounds all wrong.

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