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Posted by on Dec 7, 2011

Faithless’ “Mass Destruction”: Mobility as a musical organizing principle

I reserve the right to post on non-mobile-learning topics from time to time, harkening bark to the origin of this blog many many years ago. From time to time, sometimes I just want to post some music. This is Faithless’ “Mass Destruction”, a track that is a bit dated already (while still topical, mentions of Haliburton and Enron are losing some of their lyrical oomph), but has a nice uppity beat (and a goofy guitar bit in the middle) that is great for walking around the city (Seoul) in a mobile headphone cocoon. It is also has a motion (and resistance) based narrative, which has an appeal for specific contexts (walking around the city less like a flaneur and more like a defiant type). 

Hmm, maybe a playlist for mobility? Not just a running or exercise playlist, but one that stresses motion as its core organizing principle. OK, I lied; it is a bit about mobile learning. 

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