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Posted by on Nov 22, 2014

From open to learning space: open pedagogy

After an excruciatingly (for me) long hiatus from this blog, I am back with a recent small piece of writing that Pekka Ihanainen and I did on the nature of open space in learning. It is called from “From open to learning space: steps towards an open pedagogy” and it is just a few pages, but it represents the first of what will hopefully be several published pieces on the subject.

We are making a distinction here between open learning as it is currently defined and the transformation and use of open space for learning. We discuss our favorite method for enacting that learning in open space-mobile assisted field activity-and outline methods for teachers to get started. We believe, strongly, that appropriate pedagogy is needed to systematically approach learning in open space, a necessary step, we believe, in the creation of independent lifelong learners. Just a few pages, but as I said, a precursor to a fairly large amount of published work that will be coming out soon (relatively) from us: a book chapter, two articles, etc., all of which is approaching this topic from as many angles as possible.

The publication is SeOppi from the good people of the Association of the Finnish eLearning Centre. Truth be told, anytime I am mentioned in reference to Finland and elearning I am assured to believe that I might just very well be pointing in the right direction. If you prefer to download the issue, try this link.

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