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Posted by on Jun 4, 2009

Google in Kenya

When I went to the eLearning Africa Conference 2008 in Accra, Ghana, we noticed Google (looking by the way, exactly what one would expect Google people to look-young, healthy and full of funky glasses) hiring quite vigorously for their African offices.

Well, it seem seems they are making some positive inroads in Kenya, more or less the hub of East Africa. Acording to this site (Evan Carmichael), Google is:

  • Mapping Kenya
  • Partnering with the largest mobile carrier (Safaricom) and giving free email accounts to all subscribers
  • Partnering with universities to make inroads with their web-based office applications and associated services
  • Encouraging local content providers to get online (ex: NTVKenya on YouTube)
  • Fighting for more bandwidth for all Kenyans
  • Working with legislatures to create the right atmosphere to get the right internet infrastructure

Not bad at all. Except significant changes in the technological landscape of Africa in the next five years. We struggled with these issues, but they might not be as problematic in the near future.

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