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Posted by on Sep 8, 2011

Historypin: Lots of Hyun, Seo; less Gallagher

I love Historypin, the idea, the execution (generally). I hope it gains steam and becomes the location of first contact for people with historical treasures buried away in their family photo albums. There are real stories to tell historically and ethnographicaly, but the first task is to get these on map with some fairly reliable geopositioning. From there, the combinations are endless. Tracking encounters across time and space. Daily routines. Walks to work, school, past monuments, markets. Space informing the development of the person over time. The effects of a changing landscape on memory. There is a lot that could be done here. So, I participate with what I have, namely my wife’s family photos. The Gallaghers don’t have many photographs (at all), let alone ones with some historical interest. 

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