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Posted by on Jun 7, 2007

Koningshoeven, the Lord’s work and elixir

In another of my installments of booze I have grown to love, I bring you Koningshoeven, a Trappist Ale brought you to by Trappist monks, an order I am considering joining.

This beer ranks quite high in both texture and finish and it is one of the finer drinking pleasures I have had in quite sometime. It is akin to drinking orange juice with the pulp as there are sediment bits from the fermentation process that float throughout the bottle, making it more of a visceral experience.

Belgiun ales are deservedly famous for their ingenuity and this is no exception.

Take a tour of the monastery and brewery with this link:

The first picture was taken from Thom’s Beer Blog, a blog I have grown accustomed to reading. You can link to it from my Links on the right. The second picture is of the monastery itself.
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