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Posted by on Nov 7, 2007

Kucinich Jokes

In all respect to fairness and balanced reporting, I must admit I find these funny as well. Kucinich’s wife, Elizabeth, is 30 years his junior and British. That is included for the sake of background.

“You know anything about Dennis Kucinich? … During the debate, he claimed he once saw a UFO. Yeah, a UFO. Not only that, he claims aliens introduced him to his hot wife.” –David Letterman

“Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich says that he once had an encounter with a UFO. Apparently, several weird looking, little men got off the ship, saw Kucinich, and said, ‘It’s alright. He’s one of us.'” –Conan O’Brien
“It was announced this week that over the summer, Hillary Clinton’s campaign raised $27 million, while Barack Obama’s campaign raised $22 million. In a related story, Dennis Kucinich found a nickel between the couch cushions.” –Conan O’Brien
“Director Steven Spielberg has announced that he will endorse Hillary Clinton for president. He says he likes Hillary because she combines the warmth of the raptors in ‘Jurassic Park’ with the charisma of the mashed potato tower in ‘Close Encounters.’ … You’d think he’d endorse Dennis Kucinich after giving him the lead role in ‘E.T.'” –Jimmy Kimmel

“But with months until the primaries, there’s only so much dirt you can dig up on these people. We already know that Barack Obama went to a radical madrasa and that Dennis Kucinich’s paternal grandfather was the Lorax.” –Stephen Colbert

“There were seven candidates up there. Seven and a half if you count woodland creature Dennis Kucinich.” –Stephen Colbert
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