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Posted by on Aug 21, 2007

Live from Booth 37

I am at IFLA as we speak, setting up the booth for the day. After my initial bout of mild dysentery, I am recovered and doing well. Durban is lovely geographically, not unlike a tropical Detroit. My hotel, although nice in itself, is in one of the violent neighborhoods in town so we are basically whisked around in buses and the like and I have had very little opportunity to look around. I imagine this will be the case for the rest of my time in Durban. The closest I have got to the Indian Ocean is through my bus window.

I am not sure how credibility this report has, but according to a gaggle of librarians I was talking with the other night, there have been 4 muggings so far. Librarians beware! Although it is not hard to see why the devious type might target librarians. They are so friendly and eager to communicate.

I am here for another few days and then off to Pretoria to deliver my training. I am too tired to be nervous about that. I have had a fair amount of jet lag and so I am waking up after three hour stretches of sleep. Aside from that, I am having a good time.

At the booth itself, I am beginning to question my sales ability. I can’t quite seem to turn up the schmaltz to make these proceedings work.

I will have to refine my skills and forgo my dignity.

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