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Posted by on Dec 16, 2007

Live from Cancun

Well, I am not much of a beach guy. That point is inescapable after hours spent in Thailand, North Carolina, Delaware, and now Mexico. I say hours because that is all I can muster. I grow exceedingly impatient, restless, downright childlike if forced to spend significant amounts of time in one of those beach chairs.

That being said, the water here is really blue, as close to Thailand as I have seen anything approach, but nothing really approaches Thailand. The service is wonderful. Generally, I am not really in to these huge resort complexes, all-inclusive, but for the purposes of this trip, it is more than satisfactory. I say this with a mojito in my hand typing from the lobby of my hotel.

The wedding yesterday was beachside, lovely with the setting sun, and replete with a mariachi band. I almost wanted to fire a pistoli into the air, but that would have been inappropriate for a number of reasons. Needless to say, there was dancing and high-spirited yelps and screams and woo-woos. The food was wonderful as well, especially the seafood cerviche in a shot glass.

I am thinking that maybe I should have studied Spanish in school. The only French I have ever used was in Montreal, but Spanish seems to be becoming a minor necessity.

Pictures will follow soon. Flying from 82 degree weather into 24 tomorrow. The glorious bosom of Newark Airport will undoubtedly embrace me with a string of delays and complications. Viva la New Jersey!

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