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Posted by on Nov 8, 2009

Michael Gallagher’s Cry for Help Part Three: Landing at Philadelphia

I arrived late last night after a horrendous flight from Charlotte to Philadelphia. On the approach, we received a rather scenic tour of Philadelphia as the Captain mentioned that an indicator light implied that we might not have our wheels all the way down so we pulled up rather suddenly, pulled to the left and toured many parts of Eastern Philadelphia. I then landed and made my way through the longest single baggage claim walk of all time (I suspect at 25 minutes that it must be close to a mile).

I grabbed my bag and waited for the Economy Lot shuttle, which I only parked in because the other lots were full. 25 minutes later, I am still waiting. I board the shuttle, make my way there, stop at every stop despite the fact that I am the only one there, and get off at the last stop. I jump in my car (Honda Accord), drive to 95, merge and make a beeline for Princeton. I arrive, kiss Jen and fall in love with my apartment all over again.

That was Saturday night. I took a vacation day for Monday so Sunday was my Saturday. I woke up from my mini-coma, worked on Masters stuff, wrote a decent amount for a research project, checked email, and then Jen woke up. I made her coffee and we worked on our separate Masters together (how cute). We then went to the Princeton trail (see previous post for House video) and walked/ran for a decent bit. We came home, showered, and went back to work (on our Masters). In keeping with my new manifestation as a creative person (rather than writing poetry as used to be my way (sigh)).

More to come.

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