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Posted by on May 11, 2010

Montreal, Quebec Libations, Dim Sum, and Homemade Gravlax

I just returned from a trip to Montreal to see a good friend from my early years in Korea (1998-1999) as well as my wife’s family, many of which live in Montreal. It was a wonderful weekend filled with laughter, chatter, memories, family history, and a wonderful graphic novel about North Korea.

It was also a bon vivant’s tour de force with the following on the menu:

We also made some wonderful progress on the Seo family history front, capturing several family relations and their current whereabouts, saving several as annotations to Flickr images, and emailing a few others. With all good luck, we might be able to have a family reunion sometime in the next few years. I suspect that I will be creating a Facebook page quite soon to collect everyone and everything towards this purpose, the gathering of all the descendants of 서상돈 (Seo Sang Don). So far, we have counted at least four spellings of 서, including Seo, Seoh, Suh, and Suhr.

Seo (서 or 徐) family of Daegu, Korea, circa late 1940s

A family gathering in the late 1940s with notables including my wife's mother (baby) and grandmother (holding the baby) as well as Cathy Hardwick, a fashion designer who would later go on to discover a young Tom Ford, later of Gucci fame.

Passing over Pont Champlain made me remember a good Stars song, which I provide for you below. I like this version much better as it sort of gets at that melancholy of rain, Montreal, and lost love. At least I think this version does a better job of it than the more popular one. Either way, great song.

Stars-Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy)

So, to all my friends and family in Montreal, I say goodbye. Hopefully, we will return sooner than expected, hopefully I will learn more about this gravlax recipe of my uncle’s, hopefully it won’t snow the next time.

Heading to Pont Champlain, Montreal, May, 2010
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