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Posted by on Nov 14, 2009

More shouts from the creative wilderness: Dinner for November 14, 2009

I keep spiraling into some sort of cooking horizon as I replace metaphor with Le Creuset, hyperbole with exactness of time and alliteration with reduction. It is an ongoing redefinition of self and I am not sure where it is taking me. But I will eat well on the ride.

Tonight was about veal and soup. I had never made a cream-based soup before (Jen had repeatedly and I thoroughly enjoyed those) so there was a higher chance of possible failure involved. I understand (via my coursework in education) that an empowered learner is one who is willing to fail, one willing to see deterioration in acumen for the sake of innovation. All art is like that really. A willingness to create a lemon will allow for the possibility of something really spectacular.

My veal soup was not spectacular. But it certainly wasn’t a failure. But we should proceed chronologically. Since it was a slow cook sort of deal, I thought Jen might like a little something to nibble on so I threw together some wonderful whole wheat bread, brie, and a tart apple. All from this, the single greatest supermarket I have ever had the privilege of visiting.

Dinner for November 14, 2009: Veal Soup

A pre-dinner appertizer.

I basically used the cheese, bread, and apple as a diversion as I slowly cooked the soup. I also roasted potato slices and brussels sprouts (liberally doused in spicy sesame oil). Delicious.

Dinner for November 14, 2009: Veal Soup

Brussels sprouts and some wonderful bread

This was followed by the soup itself, which literally took three pots and 2 hours to manifest. It was simply divine.

And for those reading this blog who might happen to be my mother, I have also included a few pictures of my reconfigured apartment. I am still quite happy with Korean-sized dimensions for apartments and am quite happy with all the space I have after living in closet-sized apartments for a decade or so. This place is literally a mansion, although I was shocked to be paying more in Princeton than I did in Seoul. Bizarre considering how small this town is.

Princeton, New Jersey

The view from my kitchen: The king of infinite space

View from the window towards the kitchen. My laptop, posters, Ikea and kitchen stuff.

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