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Posted by on Apr 13, 2011

Music, not mobile: Telekinesis, Faunts

This post is strictly about a few songs I enjoyed and nothing more. The first song is from a Canadian band, Faunts. Go ahead and click and listen to some synthesized niceness. Good way to kick off/complete your Wednesday.


The second track is from a band called Telekinesis, a Seattle outfit/individual with a fairly pronounced web and social media presence.  The track is called the Coast of Carolina, and while I might not be dreaming of the coast of Carolina (or indeed any part of Carolina), I can appreciate the catchiness of the track. Enjoy.

Coast of Carolina-Telekinesis

I suspect I will be back at my mobile learning-est in subsequent posts, but sometimes a few tracks help you get through the morning’s emails/Twitter feeds/RSS Reader detritus. I provided you an illustration below because I am that kind of guy. The Tweetdeck columns just stretch on into oblivion and I had just cleaned my Google Reader the other day, but it just keeps incessantly coming. Like Wednesday.

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