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Posted by on Nov 24, 2009

My Morning Jacket is never this intense

Generally, my morning jacket is an old t-shirt and a fleece and shorts. Nothing like this, much to my chagrin. Either way, it is a good version of a good song at a time when I am trying to make things good.

I am heading to Long Island tomorrow, to the home of Jay Gatsby, Theodore Roosevelt and some of the Robber Barons. I will sit with my Korean father in-law and laugh at his wonderful observations and know that when he looks me in the eye that he is interested. I will converse with my brother in-law and wonder what life is like in San Francisco. I will lament never having met my mother in-law as she seemed like a wonderful lady.

Work tomorrow then the New Jersey Turnpike to the Goethals Bridge (we were convinced when we first came back from Korea that this was called the Gertels Bridge based on my father in-law’s accented English) to Staten Island to the Verrazano Bridge to Brooklyn (and Coney Island) and Queens and then Long Island.

Back to Princeton on Saturday only to fly to Ann Arbor (via Detroit) on Sunday to meet the great people of the JSTOR office there. Just in time to celebrate their Christmas office party.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and all my best to everyone else. I will be cooking some mean blue cheese mashed potatoes. Pictures to come.

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