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Posted by on Nov 16, 2005

Name chops

I bought these for my sister and her significant other after years of cajoling and pleading on my behalf of my sister. My sister lived here in Korea for two years herself before returning for greener pastures over three years ago. My Jen and I were commenting recently how that seems such a long time ago and is a reminder that we should be leaving as well.

Regardless, these are pictures of name chops, which are commonly used throughout Asia to sign off on official documents. In essence, it sort of substitutes for a signature. The less elaborate one says Garcia (sorry Federico, but I will say in my defense that it is very sturdy and I am sure will serve you well). The other says Gallagher, for my sister. I figured I would shell out a little more cash for my sibling. If Federico joins the family someday, I will be happy to spring for the more expensive namechop.

They come in little leather carrying pouches (that information was specifically designed for my sister’s consumption).

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1 Comment

  1. those are beautiful!!! thanks mikey!!! hee hee- hurray! he will love it! and i already love it!They sort of fit our personality- h elikes less elaborate things anyways!So when do you actually get home?

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