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Posted by on Oct 18, 2009

Nina Simone has a lot more than she lets on

Nina Simone was one of a kind.

This is a wonderful performance from a wonderful artist. Listen carefully to the litany of things she has towards the middle. I think she quite clearly lists every body part as something she has, including a colloquial term for her chest area (x2). Brilliant.

And for her best work without a doubt. I recommend downloading it as soon as possible from iTunes, transferring it to your iPod and listening to it with big old earphones. Close your eyes and get drowned in it. It is one of the best tracks of all time, hands down.

So as not distract from the above, I will include the following as a link only. It is a bizarre rendition of the same song as above and it can be found here.

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  1. Nina Simone is one of the greats! Check out the Nina Simone Project website for updates on memorial efforts in Tryon NC, Simone’s birthplace.
    This Youtube link has photos of Nina Simone bronze sculpture model preview in Tryon’s Nina Simone Plaza on 11 October 2009 .

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