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Posted by on Nov 11, 2011

Off to Insadong for some detective work for Hyun family: mobile learning in Seoul

Hyun (현 or 玄) Family Registry (호적)

Slight addendum to previous post. The Supyo address I was documenting yesterday was in fact the head of household address, ie my wife’s great-grandfather. After consulting the registry again, I am on the subway now heading to 154-3 Insadong, where my father in-law was raised. It seems to be art gallery now, quite possibly the fate of all older homes in the area. My father in-law, from new York and on Skype, managed to find the address on the registry he had used to get an American visa in 1965.

More to follow, but in the interim, three cheers for mobile technology. Off to record my father in-law’s childhood home and neighborhood.

By the way, Posterous, I love you. But that autolocate feature’s placement of my position is one big GPS fail in a series of posts dedicated to establishing geographical history. 

Hyun (현 or 玄) Family Registry (호적)

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