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Posted by on Jul 23, 2007

One laptop per child

A great organization called One laptop per child is attempting to, along with a laptop manufacturer, create an affordable laptop for countries without the economic clout to purchase them. They have created a laptop that will sell for roughly $100 (yes, it is true). It is a stripped-down laptop (low memory), but it is perfectly suited to use in the classroom. It is also durable, being waterproof and solar powered.

I really applaud this kind of work and I wish them all the success in the world. The divide between the information haves and have-nots has been widening; this type of project (along with those trying to bring sustainable broadband access to developing areas-several projects in the works) is a creative solution to try and remedy that gap.

There is also a BBC article that gives some good background information, as well as a video showing the features of the laptop itself. Click here to check it out.

It seems that Brazil and Nigeria are conducting field tests with the laptops as we speak.

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