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Posted by on Nov 11, 2007

Philadelphia Freedom

Our visit to see our friends in Philadelphia was a wonderful success. In the process of looking for Drexel University, we were inadvertently given a tour of UPenn and a little of Temple University, as well as Eastern University, Villanova, and a swath of St. Joseph’s. Although it was dark the majority fo time we were driving and walking around, Philly was lovely (and I say that without chuckling).

So there it is; I have finally scene my alma mater. I never did find the iSchool though; I did stumble across the Hagerty Library only to be surprised at how incredibly small the actual building was.

As is the destiny of all Americans (and judging by the crowds, a good deal of the foreign residents of this country as well), I ran the Rocky steps. I imagine I am the umpteenth person to have said this, but they are deceptively difficult. I was running alongside four Asian people, and a gaggle of other Americans all recreating their moment of cinematic Italian Stallion-ness.

William Penn would be proud. With all the history in the city pertaining to our Founding Fathers, I am guessing the statue of Rocky Balboa gets more visitors every year than anything else in this town.

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  1. wow! i’m really jealous…i can’t wait to go one day, and run those steps and kiss that statue (of which I own a limited edition replica, smaller in scale (obviously) and authorized by the original artist).

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