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Posted by on May 22, 2010

Seaching for Seo Sang Don 서상돈 with social media

Seo Sang Don (서상돈) is my wife’s great-great grandfather and the subject of numerous posts of mine. Spurred by my wife’s aunt on a recent trip to Montreal, I am going to harness whatever I can from social media to track down the progeny of Seo Sang Don that are scattered across the globe. I will start, despite my concerns over privacy, with a Facebook group and branch out into other media channels as time and results permit.

What I do need is an application, preferably embeddable (ideally in WordPress), that I can use to track the progeny via a family tree. I am currently using Geni, which is quite intuitive and has quite a few share options. I will just need to play around with it some more to make sure it is stable and robust enough (and ideally can be embedded directly within the Facebook group page I will be starting.

The beginnings of a Seo (서) family tree

The express purpose of all of this is to make it possible to have a reunion for all the descendants of Seo in about two years. So that is my timeframe. I am certain I will enjoy the process of pulling all this information together and using social media as genealogical tools. I also get a chance to live vicariously through my wife’s well-documented family as it is quite difficult to track down my own Gallagher lineage beyond my deceased grandfather. Keep those records people; keep the heirlooms, the photos, the letters. You never know when they will help you piece together the mystery of you.

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