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Posted by on Jul 30, 2007

St. Augustine conjured a bunch of questions

“I was in love with loving”
St. Augustine

Is Augustine in love with the act itself, the requited aspect of love? Is he in love with the feeling that loving produces in return, an intense emotional boomerang?

Since we are working in the past tense, is this an acknowledgement that this transitory love, this loving of the act of love itself is, in actuality, a type of self-love, a vain flattery? Isn’t all self-love transitional?

However, to live in the moment, to love the moment, aren’t we forced to embrace the transitory nature of our existence? Aren’t we called to embrace all our manifestations, as if the passage of time could be equated inherently with improvement, with progress?

Can I ever truly love a manifestation of myself other than the current one?

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