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Posted by on Jun 30, 2009

Technology-related events in Africa

I am taking this from the White African, an interesting blog about all things Africa focusing quite a bit on the adoption of technology and developments along those lines.

Judging by the list of upcoming technology events in and about Africa, one can see a ramping up of sorts of developments on the continent. One can even see a few barcamps in there, which seems like the ideal construct for a technology event aimed at certain areas of the continent.

In my own very limited experience with technology in Africa, my only caveat is that one must differentiate between parts of Africa when speaking of the adoption of technology. South Africa and Egypt are on par with most European countries in regards to IT (if not bandwidth) and places like Senegal and Tunisia are not far behind (both due to their proximity to underwater cables). So, there are some dramatic improvements on the continent and a conference schedule like the following makes me believe that at least there is sufficient interest.

African Tech Events
Upcoming shows
Kumasi 07/15/09 Ghana International Development and Design Summit (IDDS)
Johannesburg 07/23/09 South Africa Mediatech Africa ‘09
Abidjan 07/24/09 Ivory Coast Barcamp Abidjan
Accra 08/14/09 Ghana Maker Faire Africa
Nairobi 09/23/09 Kenya AFRICON

Come and take a look at the website itself.

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