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Posted by on Aug 22, 2005

The Curse of Verse

A busy little bee, I am, I am

A busy little bee. A frog, a lark, a lemon, a tree.

here in Korea.

Wait a minute, just lost the verse.

Let me try again.

A sign, a find, an orange rind

A laugh, a pluck, a dumptruck full of muck

A taxi stop, a bottle of booze,

An early start and an early snooze

Here in Korea.

Damn verse.

Korea, I’ll see ya

in the funny papers.

Kimchi, rhymes with zilchi

and that’s not even a word.

Oblong haze, overpass

migraines and natural gas.

Enough. For years, I have tried to write about Korea and my limited skills and limited resources and my limits have led me stumbling through these types of monosyllabic banter. It serves no purpose, no meter, or rhyme or reason.

I have never dared to claim that I have a finger on this particular pulse.

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