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Posted by on Jan 29, 2006

To Bundang and back, but first lunch

Since it is the Lunar New Year and we have a few days off, we decided to roam around the city looking for great adventures. Every Korean is home paying homage to their family and participating in whatever they do when it comes to rituals. Festive greetings fill the air, if anyone is on the streets. Seoul is absolutely deserted on these holidays. The majority of the people you see are the fellow expats stumbling around the city, like animals let free from their cages. The whole day reeks of some abbreviated decadence. Looking for that elusive restaurant that is open, for that elusive entertainment, looking for the reason they come overseas in the first place. My lady and I were not elusive as to our goals. We went running in the morning and then ventured out again around midday and had a wonderful lunch of sundubu chigae, which is soft tofu in a boiling soup. Thus the pictures from this post will refer to this lunch.

A later post will deal with the adventure itself.

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