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Posted by on Mar 19, 2010

University of Ghana and Whistling While You Work

I just heard this via a tweet (@BoingBoing) and was immediately enthralled. It is the sound of four postal workers at the University of Ghana in 1975 going about the daily monotony of their jobs. They are literally canceling stamps, something they have managed to turn into art. It is the sound of work and how a song can transform that experience into something enjoyable.

I have presented at the University of Ghana and find it an incredible place. Situated quite a bit outside the city of Accra, the University of Ghana was important in the development of Ghana. It is considered the most prestigious of the universities in West Africa and is a pleasant place to visit.

Not to get too far off topic about the music that this post is about, but when visiting the Balme Library at the University of Ghana, I wandered into a computer room and saw this on the screen.

JSTOR at the University of Ghana, Legon

JSTOR at the University of Ghana, Legon

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