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Posted by on Jun 26, 2006

Wining and dining and gambling


We went to the wine tasting event at the Hilton Hotel in Seoul where this Chilean winery was displaying some of their finest vintages. Chile and Korea just signed a WTO trade agreement and so there are a lot of Chilean products being floated in the Korean market, which is good if you love wine. I can only imagine that conversely there are a lot of people in Santiago running around with Samsung cellphones. We only took a few pictures because after a few glasses of wine, cataloging the event was not foremost in our minds. Afterwards, we went to the casino in the hotel reserved only for foreigners. I am not much of a gambler but my lady played a few hands of blackjack. A remarkably swanky evening for a man wearing a cheap suit.

I recommend, if you like wine, to take a look at this winery’s website. Excellent stuff:

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