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Posted by on Dec 15, 2009


I double dog dare you not to watch this video all the way through. ELO and Olivia Mountain John, what could possibly go wrong? Ah yes, a starstruck Michael Beck.


PS- Noticed I tagged this post with Xanadu (among other things), just in case someone strolling through WordPress blogs would reach out for a bad movie about a rollerskating rink run by gypsy/fairy types.

PSS-And do not think I level any of this criticism against ELO. I had not one, but two of their songs playing at my wedding reception. Rather than have you guess, they were

1. Don’t Bring Me Down


2. Mr. Blue Sky

PSSSS-That might have been one gigantic ruse to embed a lot of YouTube videos.

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  1. (Melissa hyperventilates into a paper bag)

    OMG and LOL! I JUST watched these videos 2 days ago and was *this close* to adding them to my blog. Even the Xanadu! Wow.

    I do love me some Electric Light, and if I ever have a wedding I’ll be sure to play them then too!


  2. You never know who is going to be an ELO and Xanadu fan, but it is great to know you are! That is some 2.0 synchronicity going on there, for sure. I sometimes want another blog entitled “Cool Stuff I found on YouTube” as I so enjoy posting that type of nonsense.

    This is a must have for any wedding reception. Don’t Bring Me Down almost literally brought the house down. All my best Melissa!

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