I am enjoying this band a bit and only found out after the fact that they are from Ohio. I swear. They are called the Heartless Bastards and the song is The Mountain. I am almost positive this was recommended to me by someone, but for the life of me I cannot remember who. So if you are that reason, please forgive me. More than likely, it is from this blog as she has recommended (either directly or indirectly) almost every new song I have listened to in the last year. And perhaps even this one.

MP3: Heartless Bastards-The Mountain

Visit their site* or buy the song from iTunes.

Not for nothing, but there have been quite a few bands coming from O-H-I-O (what’s round on the end and high in the middle?). In case you want to reference some (and you know you do, you displaced Midwesterners (who are invariably not living in the Midwest when I meet them)), take a look at a partial list:

1. The Breeders (and any subsequent Deal sister spinoff)
2. The Pretenders
3. Devo
4. The National
5. The Black Keys
6. Nine Inch Nails (now it is veering out of music I actually like)
7. Guided by Voices

I remember my undergraduate years in Dayton when the Breeders got big (they are from there), there subsequent drug issues and reconfiguration as some semi-decent bands, including The Kelley Deal 6000 and The Amps. The Breeders made one of my favorite songs of all time, which YouTube has been so graciously willing to provide.


* Why am I less inclined to criticize a band’s website for using ridiculous intro graphics when I don’t apply that same standard to restaurant websites? I think I just have developed another contradiction, but I am sure the internal friction will do the old creative soul good.

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  1. Hiya!

    I one time uploaded “searching for the ghost” by Heartless Bastards, but I hadn’t heard “the mountain”, so thanks for that! And, omg, “driving on 9” *still* moves me, even after all these years! One of my faves, too!

    I’m working on a “MiddleofAmerica/Midwest” playlist these days so keep your eyes peeled for that! Did you know Damien Jurado does a lovely song called “ohio”? You might like it, I think….

    1. I cannot believe you love Driving on 9! That is brilliant and frankly it comes from a brilliant album. I actually used to literally drive on 9 (a small highway outside Dayton) listening to that song and dreaming of far-off places (Korea?). Ahhh, what good times.

      I know that Damien Jurado song and it is on my iPod. The Jayhawks have a good song called Somewhere in Ohio as well. I will be forever in your debt if you make a Middle of America/Midwest playlist! That would be so incredible I might simply die. Well, not really, but it would take center stage on my iPod. Do take care Melissa and all my best!

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