We met again
Along with my love
And walked through the city, this city, another city,
Montreal pulling him back and the thought of that train lurching in the middle of December chills me to the bone

We talked
And talked
And laughed

As an adult, I managed the pain
Of saying goodbye again

Trimming a word here from a
Closing that might have triggered despair

I will see him again, I imagine
And we will dwell in moments

Moments separated by time
Marching onwards, a patient soldier
Drifting, fleeting
Yet I, of this time, will not be the same

The impassioned release from the cyclical nature of progress
This is over
This has been achieved through discipline
The older I become
The less I want to be understood
But rather to understand

Time is time
And he is gone
And I am happy with that thought

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