I have fallen in love with Averna, a very satisfying liquor that I recommend everyone purchase as soon as possible. It can be served on the rocks or neat; I tend to prefer it a little chilled. Averna was the Roman Queen of the Dead. That should serve as a warning for consuming too much. Read the description from www.liquorama.com below:

“Inky soy-mahogany. Flowers, fresh herbs, licorice and mince meat. Rich texture. Lovely sensuous palate of wild, alpine fresh spice and succulent flavors. Very concentrated with a firm, yet silky presence on the palate and into the very deep, lingering finish.(tastings.com)As an excellent digestive and an extremely pleasant liqueur for any occasion or moment of the day, it has became a success which his rapidly expanding globally. During the summer, serve it with a touch of ice and frozen, you may even decide to experiment, blending it with beverages such as tonic water or cola.”

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