While on our trip to Venice, we will be stopping at Harry’s Bar, one of the more famous bars in the world, to try a drink invented at the bar itself. The Bellini is a cocktail made of Italian sparkling wine and a peach puree. A detailed description of the drink can be found by clicking the Title link. Harry’s Bar is a famous haunt of celebrities, artists, writers and tourists like myself trying to spot of the aforementioned. Hemingway would drink here and order this.

Although not as important to me personally, carpaccio salad was also invented here. I enjoy thinly sliced strips of raw beef as much as the next guy, the drink speaks more to my soul, assuming my soul lingers in the vicinity of my liver. For how cantankerous my liver is, I wonder if my soul even knows where he is. That is something to ponder.



Italian Sparkling Wine

Peach Puree

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