My 2013 in Media: Images, Sounds, Video, and a Playlist

My Preamble I generally do this at the end of the year or when I am making a major departure or something along those lines, but this is the latest version of end of year retrospective. 2013 was a bouncy year, some great things, some disillusionment, and some real progress in unexpected ways. My research […]

Phone Commercials and Changing Mobile Media Practices: Relentless creation

I feel I know what marketing and advertising is about. I am aware of how it is designed to manipulate emotions, harken back to some real or imagined nostalgia, epitomize what we want and how we want to get it. I worked a bit in marketing, crafted text to such effect, framed banners and logos […]

Goodbye, London: My media from 2012-2013


London is a roost for every bird- Benjamin Disraeli I am leaving London next week, heading for a brief stint with family in New York and then off to Seoul, Korea for another year there. So for the umpteenth time I am whittling my life into a suitcase, taking stock of the year, sorting through […]

Euston Station and Kings Cross Station, London: Sounds of transit and motion

Kings Cross Station, London

Sound and Train Stations: Space and Context I recorded a few more Audioboo posts on my recent travels to Manchester and Cambridge, respectively. I am kicking myself for not recording the train stations of Cambridge and Manchester Piccadilly themselves as the sounds there were completely different than in the beautiful behemoths of Euston and Kings Cross. I am […]

Taipei ambient sounds: audio backdrop of a book conference, more din

Taipei, Taiwan: February 2012

I was in Taipei, Taiwan last week for a very large book conference. I wrote a blog post about this a few days ago, but wanted to revisit this with a different context. I use Audiboo quite a bit to record ambient noise of the places I go and Taipei was no exception. I made […]

Elearning and the torrents of sound; some thoughts on sound in elearning

Working on a research project at the University of Edinburgh that is meant to explore the notion of space for elearners, namely what does it mean to be at a university (in this case, the University of Edinburgh) without physically being there. How do we position ourselves, orient ourselves as elearners? Some fascinating research that […]