More transitions online, podcasts, and music

M&M Podcast 2

I am going to share music now and again that I find very helpful for inspiration. I have moved away from that in this blog but there was a lot more of that in its earlier iterations (I started this in some form in 2004). Either way, there are very few musicians that I like […]

M&M Podcast: Episodes 5 and 6 on data justice, Teacherbot, and more

M&M Podcast 2

In the fifth and sixth episodes of the M&M (Michael and Myles) podcast we are joined by Dr Jeremy Knox, the co-director of the Centre for Research in Digital Education (Data Society) and a Lecturer in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh.   We discuss projects that Jeremy has worked on including Data Justice Week, Learning Analytics Report Card, and the impact […]

Expanding the Teacher Function: Call for Edinburgh community both online and off

We are looking for participants from the University of Edinburgh community (students and staff) to help us chart a values-based future amidst all the technological change impacting what we do as a university. We need your help to ensure that what we create as a university is from and for the University of Edinburgh and […]

M&M Podcast: Setting the Scene, Terms, Topics

M&M Podcast 2

Based on ongoing discussions and projects I have been having in my role from the Centre for Research in Digital Education with my colleagues at Learning, Technology, and the Web, Myles Blaney and I decided that all the exploratory conversations we were having naturally as part of that work might be shared. So with nifty […]

Near Future Teaching: Final Report

A project I am very proud to be a part of has just produced our final report on the future of digital education at our University of Edinburgh. Worth a read to see how we are using collective values to drive our future.