As a counter to the previous post, one of the cool parts of my job is outreach. Outreach is just what it implies; it is an attempt to increase usage of your website by proactive means. Gone are the days when we haphazardly expect users to stumble into our site because we have a pretty darn good resource. It almost implies a degree of arrogance to think that will occur with the plethera of available websites, at least one of which has to be better than yours.

So, in that vein and in a slightly innocent attempt to rein in the powers of Web 2.0, I have been instructed to create a Facebook group for Aluka, which may be followed by other 2.0 forays, like a wikipedia entry, Flickr slideshows, even a Google Map of our African Heritage sites. For now, though it is Facebook.

So, feel free to take a look. Just do a search for Aluka in Groups on Facebook. Trust me, we are the only ones with that name.

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