When the moment arrives
And destiny beckons,
When the reach of our enemies
Tickles the hair on our necks
When the bastions of civilization
Teeter in the fall wind
Let us remember these times
When the scope of possibility
Was as vast as the evening sky

This age
Has spilt blood
And made peace
Has been rejoiced and lauded
Damned and spun
This age unlike any other
Just like every other
So human, so inhumane

We will not be forgotten

We will not forget

The methods to the madness
The driving wind, the melancholy of
Friends lost and found, of parted ways
Of the barren truth of violence, of love

We cannot forget

The travels of the heart
In search of home
The lights at the end of this winding path
The mettle of our masters
The gentle God

Those in despair, rest.
Those in danger, flee.
Those that can, help.

Let us dissolve these bands with our vicious past,
Our erroneous history, our skewed perception
In the course of human events, a tale must be retold
But first it must be rewritten, it must reflect
The passions of the heart, the lessons in acquiescence,
The calm before the storm.

It must render independence as self-evident
And husband greatness from the flickering of
Innocence lost.

It must remember the violence
And vilify, see the injustice
And desist, make innocuous the pulse
Of mutual destruction.

We must redefine human.

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