High Falconer? After uncovering that little gem tucked away amongst millions and millions of academic articles, I just had to share it. And mix that with Kashmir and it is just fuel for the imagination. Pony ride to Darjeeling, a botanist named Jacquemont and another named High Falconer? Just a feast for the textual soul.

Kashmir, High Falconer, and Hooker: Biodiversity and an eclectic cast of characters In keeping with a previous post about seemingly unlikely areas of great ┬ábiodiversity (a la the Korean DMZ), today's post will be a quick exploration through a highly contested area: Kashmir. Kashmir is a mountainous region bordering on Pakistan, India, and China. It occupies a strategic position and, as such, has been highly contested for much longer than most can imagine. However, it is the most recent period of friction that has occupied most … Read More


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