With the advent of all this Web 2.0 technologies and increased amounts of interoperability, I find that some of the more popular items and websites also illustrate parallel human traits. These technologies can serve to expose hidden truths about the nature of people. More importantly, they expose the viewing habits of a normal couple. We all watch some absolute nonsense if given the means and the opportunity.
The screenshot represents my wife and I’s viewing queue on Netflix. These are the movies that will be shipped to us one at a time for our viewing pleasure. In the interests of fairness, we arranged it so I choose one and then her and so on and so forth.

My choices might be obvious to those who know me. Little do people know that Jen is an absolute Law and Order junkie.

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  1. i know which ones are yours. also, liked the post about rushmore although i am jealous i am left out. you know i don’t think i have jen’s number.

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