I wish I could have known you
In elementary school

Walking home together
Even though I never walked home

Kicking through leaves
Scuffing our new school shoes

Saying goodbye
At my porch
With a wave

It would have been nice
To be wrapped in security
Like that

I met you young
Younger than now
And I was full of anger

You wooed that out of me
Like venom from a wound

Like a marble from a slippery floor

I want to marry you

And protect you now

And fall asleep next to you
For the rest of my life

Even though you get the good side of the bed
And we face the wrong direction, opposite the wall

A quirk, I know
Makes you you

And my huff and puff
Is a bark worse than a bite

You tolerate that
Because you love me

Everything is easy
When you love me

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