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Mobile Media for Humanities participation by graduate students in South Korean Universities


You are being asked to take part in a research study on the use of mobile technology to support learning as graduate students in the Humanities. In this research, I am looking for graduate students who might like to take part in a research study on how graduate students participate in the Humanities, whether informally or formally, and how that participation is influenced by mobile technology. I am looking for students who might wish to explore this with me. My research aims are to look at how graduate students use mobile technology, how they communicate and create media there, and how that use relates to their participation in the Humanities.

My name is Michael Sean Gallagher. I am currently a doctoral student at the Institute of Education, University of London. My research focus is on developing mobile environments & communities to support academic practice in the Humanities in higher education. My specific focus is the universities of Korea. Aside from mobile learning, I am most interested in elearning, online community development, and open learning. I have a Masters in Library and Information Science degree (MLIS), with a concentration in the management of digital information. I also have a Masters in Education (elearning) at the University of Edinburgh. I am being supervised by Dr. John Potter and Dr. Niall Winters, both of the London Knowledge Lab and the Institute of Education at the University of London.

Please feel free to contact me at If you prefer, connect with me on the following social media and I would be happy to speak and collaborate with you:

What am I trying to do

I am researching how graduate students in the Humanities in Korea do the following things:

  • How they participate in their discipline through face to face activities or through activities using technology
  • How they use mobile technology for social and/or disciplinary understanding
  • What they create in mobile technology

What will happen

In this study, you will be asked to do a few things. I will be looking to gather the following from you over the course of the next few months

  • Interview: I am asking each participant to interview either face to face, over Skype, or through another electronic medium. In that interview, we will discuss your mobile technology, how you use it, how you chose your major, and how you participate in that major. This interview will be conducted by a graduate student in Translation & Interpretation and will be scheduled at your convenience. It will last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. The goal of this interview is to have you tell your story on how you participate in your major, what kinds of activities you participate in for that major, and your use of mobile technology for social or disciplinary reasons.
  • Artifact Submission: Have you ever created media with mobile technology? Have you ever created anything with mobile technology for your discipline? If so, I would love to see it and ask you how this artifact was created and how it was used for your understanding of your major. Each participant will be asked to submit an artifact (an essay, a video, an audio collection, or even a collection of images) that they created and used to understand their major more.
  • Self-reflections: I will be asking each participant to submit two short reflections on how you are using mobile technology and how, if at all, that has changed since participating in this study. These self-reflections can be text (a blog post, for example), audio, video, or image which represents how your way of using mobile technology has changed or how you might want it to change. You can submit these to me directly if you wish to remain anonymous or post those to your site or blog (if you so desire).

After this has been collected, I would ask that each participant be available to answer the occasional follow-up question that might arise from the collected data.

Time Commitment

Your total participation will take approximately 3-5 hours of your time over a course of 3 months. This time is broken down as follows:

  1. Interview: 30-60 minutes
  2. Self-reflections: 30-60 minutes
  3. Artifact: 5-100 minutes, depending on whether you have to create it from scratch or not.
  4. Follow-up questions: 30 minutes at a maximum

This activity will take place over 3 months so there should never be a time when it is too taxing to participate.

Participants’ Rights

If you choose to participate, you have rights that you can exercise at any time. These rights are drawn from the British Educational Research Association’s (BERA) Guidelines. If you have any questions about these guidelines or your rights, please contact me and I would be happy to speak with you.

  • You may decide to stop being a part of the research study at any time without explanation. You have the right to ask that any data you have supplied to that point be withdrawn/destroyed.
  • You have the right to omit or refuse to answer or respond to any question that is asked of you.
  • You have the right to have your questions about the procedures answered (unless answering these questions would interfere with the study’s outcome). If you have any questions as a result of reading this information sheet, you should ask the researcher before the study begins.
  • You have the right to privacy and anonymity. Your name and university name will be anonymized in all the data collected, unless you prefer otherwise. You may choose to submit your data without anonymity, for example through your blog or social media account, and that is your choice. Please contact me if you prefer to not be anonymous. Otherwise, your anonymity will be protected at all times.


The data we collect do not contain any personal information about you except if you prefer to post your data to your own social media (such as your blog). No one will link the data you provided to the identifying information you supplied (name, address, email). You may choose to post your own material to your own site or blog as you see fit, but that is your choice.

It is possible that this data might be used in academic publications, conference presentations, and for this thesis. However, your anonymity will be protected at all times during those processes. If you prefer not to remain anonymous, that is your right as well. Please contact me if this is the case.

Consent Form and Participation

To participate, please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss an interview time that is convenient for you.


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