I woke this morning thinking I was literally in Seoul. All three of these images appeared at some point in my dream as all, except one, were taken from the same day. It was in 2006 and our time was winding down there and we had a wonderful day hiking the small mountain behind Ehwa Women’s University and then through the Buddhist temple on the other side, which is in my opinion the most beautiful in Seoul (and one of the most secluded).

We then capped it off with a feast fit for a king, literally. It is called 한정식 (hanjeongshik) and it is a thousand little dishes full of absolute Zen Korean goodness. Except for the fermented skate (fish). Wash it down with some동동주 (dong-dong ju) and this Gallagher was happy as a clam. Not too many of these types of restaurants in New Jersey (or Manhattan or Queens) so we will await our next visit to Seoul to do this proper.

It is my favorite food in Korea aside from부대찌개 (budeajigae).

May 5, 2006 was a very good day or so my subconscious told me last night.

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