Seo Sang Don and the Korean National Debt Repayment Movement of 1907

This post is performing some double duty for me. It explains a bit more about my wife’s relative (서상돈), but also is a test to see if the scheduling function is working properly on WordPress. So there you have it. In keeping with previous posts about my wife’s great great grandfather found here and here, […]

My Korean (in-law) Family tree: 서상돈(1850-1913) of Daegu

In the spirit of genealogy, families, and connectedness, I have turned my attention momentarily away from the pursuit of all things Gallagher and towards my wife’s distinguished family tree. My wife’s surname is Hyun (현 or 玄), but she is descended from the Seo (서 or 徐) family of Daegu, Korea. The Seo family was […]