Using Audio for Learning, Posting and Commenting: Audioboo

This is more of a utilitarian post for those teachers out there, but I have redesigned my courses a bit for the upcoming semester in an attempt to engage my students across a wider variety of media, exercising, hopefully, their capacity for communicating across modes and across languages (my students are all, with a few […]

Elernenmuzik and (ambient) audio as enhancing learning online

Music to (e)learn by by Elektronicheslernenmuzik on Mixcloud Note: go ahead and listen to the playlist above while reading, if you are so inclined. I listened to it as I wrote this. I explain it below a bit. Elernenmuzik and Audio in Elearning As I sit on the peripheries of a few different MOOCs (Elearning […]

The Sound of Work in Ghana: Authority and Context

This is a very short, non-ethnographic, post about the authority of sound and how ethnographers often gave favor to oral interactions at the sake of text. Essentially, this runs counter to what most other disciplines have, which is essentially the authority of text over all other sensory representations. I suspect this has mostly to do […]

The Authority of Sound and eLearning Africa

I have relied on this quote quite a bit over the last week about the authority of audio when dealing with ethnographies. Based on my initial forays into my chosen subject (eLearning Africa), I am inclined to agree. “Traditionally, oral interactions have been foremost for ethnographers, and texts have taken a somewhat secondary role as […]

Clair de Lune by Debussy, or patterning sound visually

[youtube][/youtube] I am rather enamored of visualizations, so I suppose I should offer that first as a caveat to the rest of this post. However, this is a particularly good one. Audio visualized. I have been intrigued by The Historiography of Cyberculture chapter by Jonathan Sterne and his critique of cyberculture being erroneously and exclusively […]