Dinner, a Christmas tree, snow, and Seodaemun

December 2009 in Princeton

Feeling quite ambitious for a Saturday, I went out early yesterday morning and bought a small Christmas tree. This is significant only because I have never bought one before. Jen and I have never had one either and so it seemed like a good year to do it. It has been a relatively rough year […]

More shouts from the creative wilderness: Dinner for November 14, 2009

Dinner for November 14, 2009: Veal Soup

I keep spiraling into some sort of cooking horizon as I replace metaphor with Le Creuset, hyperbole with exactness of time and alliteration with reduction. It is an ongoing redefinition of self and I am not sure where it is taking me. But I will eat well on the ride. Tonight was about veal and […]

Tis the season for swag

IMG 7214

Autumn. The season where the leaves change color, fall clothes are taken out of semi-retirement and the air chills just enough to make thoughts crisper, sharper, more in focus. And for my line of work, it is also the season for academic conferences. So, this week I will be heading off to the American Association […]

Hobbies, Adulthood and Zen Cooking

I have recently been told by a few different people, one with professional training in such matters, that I need hobbies. There was once a time when I was a passionate amateur writer, churning out melodramatic drivel with the best of them. From time to time, some of that output would be borderline readable. Regardless, […]